Brand: Church Brothers Produce
Product: Field Fresh Produce & Ready-to-Eat Produce
Market: USA

Church Brothers, LLC
Salinas, CA 93902

Introduce a company image and personality that properly reflects the vast amount of products and complexity of services they provide to their customers.

• Branding Strategy
• Trademark Design
• Icon Design
• Slogan Development

Enhancements By Design:
• Communications
• Mouse Pad Design
• Post Card Design
• Website Enhancements
• Brochures
• Tradeshow Booth Accents

Brothers Tom and Steve Church have long been associated with
their out-of-the box thinking when it comes to produce innovations.
Tom a former founding partner in River Ranch Fresh Foods lead
the way with such innovations as:

• Field packed broccoli
• Ice Injection cooling systems
• Split packaging cartons for smaller stores
• The first form, fill and seal machine used for packaged salad
• “Angel Hair” Coleslaw
• “Salads to Go”- kit salads in sealed plastic containers, eaten on the go
• Microwaveable vegetable mixes complete with sauce in rigid containers
• Controlled atmosphere packaging
• Development partner with Jake Hougham on Whole Leaves
• Primus Labs co-founder (with others)
• Full service fresh load consolidation

The Challenge
Instantly communicate Church Brothers, LLC. complex product offerings, their “Can Do” attitude and friendly service in an easy, highly recognizable way.
Icon Design

The Result
After generating an overall strategy for the company’s persona, we executed enhancements piece by piece prior to their industry conference.

The enhancements created resulted in the an “Icon Design” serving to symbolize everything under one roof, Field-Fresh-Items and Ready-to-Eat produce, continued product innovations combined with friendly service.

The ever present Icon on each “Enhancement” served to instantly communicate their company products and personality.

Website Enhancements

Tabletop Brochure Holders

Recent Additions