Elegant Additions™ | Case Studies

Brand: Elegant Additions™
Product: Fresh-cut Green Beans
Market: USA

Green Glen Produce
Hanover, PennsylvaniaGoals
Introduce both value-added and microwaveable fresh-cut green bean products for the retail market.

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» Recipe Refinement
» Package Design Program

Green Glen Produce has been predominately supplying superior quality green beans for several years to a limited number of foodservice distributors. Green Glen wanted to created a retail presence with their fresh-cut green beans.Elegant Additions: Before

The Challenge
Here is a photo of the initial retail package before Flipside Design’s “Product Launch Design” program. The initial response to their first retail pack which basically looked like their foodservice pack was not as successful as they had hoped. Grocery store produce managers where not only displaying them un-refrigerated, some stores would put them next to bulk green beans, which sold at a fraction of the price.

The challenge was to re-introduce the product to secure a refrigerated placement in the store to maintain shelf-life, secondly instantly educate the consumer the pre-washed, pre-trimmed, ready-to-cook features of their green beans verses the bulk green beans.

The Result
Flipside’s branding strategy resulted in the brand name “Elegant Additions™” which served to mentally position the product in the mind of consumer to think of this as an elegant addition to their meals. The “Pre-washed & Trimmed” on the main display panel better communicated the “value” in the Green Glen green beans verse bulk. Our prominent display type to “Keep Refrigerated” helped to insured the proper store placement by produce managers to maintain the product’s shelf life. All of this combined with visual imagery projecting “Elegance”, has made “Elegant Additions™” fresh-cut green beans a successful product offering for Green Glen Produce, currently enjoying its third year of the retail sales.

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