Nutritional Labeling Support

In order to stay abreast of emerging health trends, regulations, and policies we have a team of dietitians, food scientists, researchers, and attorneys. They have extensive experience in creatively solving complex food labeling and nutritional positioning challenges. You can count on us as your technical resource for quality nutrition support. We assist you in preparing nutrition information, researching and developing food labels and preparing consumer materials. We help you determine the nutritional content of your products. Whatever your labeling needs, we can help.
Label Services Offered, however not limited to:

  • Bilingual Label (English/French, English/Spanish)
  • Multiple Column Labels
  • Diabetic or other Diet Exchanges
  • Child Nutrition (CN) Labeling – Our report will include the contribution of your product to nutrient-based school lunch plan and meal plan equivalents for the traditional food-based system in schools.

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