Brand: Obim®
Product: Fresh-cut Salsa
Market: USA – Regional

Obim Fresh-cut Fruit Company, LLC
Fort Worth, Texas

Re-Introduce pico de gallo so as to better communicate “Fresh Salsa”.

» Name Generation
» Label Design Program

OBIM Fresh-cut Fruit Company’s sole mission is to produce the highest quality fresh-cut products anywhere. Their product lines include fresh-cut fruits, vegetables, bistro salads, and a variety of fresh foods.

The Challenge
Sarsa: BeforeHere is a photo of the initial retail “Pico de Gallo” clear label before Flipside Design’s “Product Launch Design” label program. Their initial response to their first Pico de Gallo label was that the label design didn’t effectively communicate the name of the item or what of the product was.

Part of the challenge in re-introducing the “fresh” ready-to-eat Pico de Gallo was developing a new brandname that would help communicate that Obim’s Pico de Gallo was “fresh” salsa.

The Result
Flipside Design’s name generation enhancement resulted in “Sarsa™” as the new product line name for Obim’s fresh salsas. The new label with high contrast style graphics serve to further communicate a distinctive look to easily identity the contents and served to usher in whole new product line extension.

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