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Brand: Spinny Chips™
Product: Spinach Chip Snack

Metz Fresh, LLC
King City, California

Introduce a new patented spinach snack to the retail market.

» Package Design Program
» Name Generation
» Slogan Development
» Communications
» Point-of-sale
» Product Survey Website
» e-Marketing

Metz Fresh long associated with specializing in custom-grown and packed, cello-wrapped spinach. Seeking to expand its spinach offerings in the form of a healthy snack alternative developed a GMO-Free Organic Spinach Chip.Spinny Chips

The Challenge
Here is a photo of the Spinach Chips as they first appeared. The first challenge in introducing the new spinach chips was what to call them. When we presented the name brand Spinny Chips™ it seemed to be a natural fit. At first glance the chips looked Simular to traditional corn chips, upon closer examination you could see a striping effect from the spinach hence the inspiration for their slogan “Spinach Infused Corn Chips”.

The Result
After generating an overall strategy for the product’s persona, we then executed it piece by piece prior to the product launch. Our Package Program combined with a few Enhancements resulted in Spinny Chips™ possessing instant shelf creditability from the first day of its launch. Customers and consumers took full advantage of the Web survey to convey their love of the product.
Spinny Chips

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