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At Flipside we’re proud of what we do…
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what we’ve done.

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Flipside’s designs have created a great deal of attention for our clients and their products.

We feel that any recognition for our designs is a direct result of the trust that has been
bestowed upon us by each of our clients.


Spinny Chips
Spinny Chips™ | Case Studies

Introduce a new patented spinach snack to the retail market.

Sarsa! Salsa After
Sarsa™ | Case Studies

Re-Introduce pico de gallo so as to better communicate "Fresh Salsa".

Elegant Additions
Elegant Additions™ | Case Studies

Introduce both value-added and microwaveable fresh-cut green bean products for the retail market.

Green Glen Produce
Green Glen | Case Studies

Re-introduce Green Glen Produce Corporation as the premier supplier of quality fresh-cut green beans.

Church Brothers Mouse Pad
Church Brothers | Case Studies

Introduce a company image and personality that properly reflects the vast amount of products and complexity of services they provide to their customers.

Bistro-to-Go After
Bistro-to-go | Case Studies

Re-Introduce "Bistro-to-Go™" Salad meal bowls.

Shelf Dangler | Display Design
Shelf Dangler | Display Design

We designed this vibrant shelf dangler to draw attention to Obim™ Fresh-Cut Fruit Companys’ full line of products.

Point of Sale Details Display Design
Point of Sale Details | Display Design

We pay attention to details. We took advantage of this plant stake to carry a message that helped sell additional materials after the purchase.