Case Studies

Through the years we have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients regarding the performance of each product we have re-introduced for them.

Our method of “tracking” has proven to be most informative in monitoring each product’s success.

You can sell any product once…
“Real” product success is in the reorder.

– Loralee Lyman
Delectable Designer Biography

Case Studies Portfolio Archive

Spinny Chips
Spinny Chips™ | Case Studies

Introduce a new patented spinach snack to the retail market.

Sarsa! Salsa After
Sarsa™ | Case Studies

Re-Introduce pico de gallo so as to better communicate "Fresh Salsa".

Elegant Additions
Elegant Additions™ | Case Studies

Introduce both value-added and microwaveable fresh-cut green bean products for the retail market.

Green Glen Produce
Green Glen | Case Studies

Re-introduce Green Glen Produce Corporation as the premier supplier of quality fresh-cut green beans.

Church Brothers Mouse Pad
Church Brothers | Case Studies

Introduce a company image and personality that properly reflects the vast amount of products and complexity of services they provide to their customers.

Bistro-to-Go After
Bistro-to-go | Case Studies

Re-Introduce "Bistro-to-Go™" Salad meal bowls.