Package Design

We believe effective package design is at the foundation of your product’s success. Your package acts as a “silent salesman”, making that first impression. Properly conceived and designed, a package speaks volumes and helps to generate sales. Our philosophy is connecting customers and consumers to your product is what it’s all about.

Package Design Archive

Taylor Farms Salad Blends Package Design
Taylor Farms Salad Blends | Package Design

Taylor Farms trademark and trade dress design also included the highlighting of their triple wash process of their products.

Motor Munchies Package Design
Motor Munchies® | Package Design

Created for people on the go wanting to make a better choice.

Capurro Marketing Package Design
Capurro Marketing | Package Design

These bi-lingual packaged fresh green onions with their easy recipe fast became a favorite both in Canada and the U.S.A.

Crybabies Package Design
Crybabies | Package Design

Originally created for one of our guest speaker presentations, Crybabies has garnered a fair amount of attention prompting us to add it as a sample of one of our package designs.

Sub Toppers Package Design
Sub Toppers | Package Design

Here is a sample of product development within an existing line.

Organic Bags Package Design
Pure Pacific Organics | Package Design

Assignment: To make organics more mainstream, friendly and fun.

Agri-Tropics Package Design
Agri-Tropics | Package Design

Assignment: To create a carton design that conveyed the fresh coconut ingredients inside the carton, and still be able to withstand up to 1/8" registration movement on the high speed liquid packaging presses.

Doña Olga Package Design
Doña Olga | Package Design

We developed a package design for a product line that had a related brand image, unique yet distinctive by color to represent each flavor and make the brand stand out.