Product Development

Assignment: Bring to market a new upscale orchid related product.
Challenge: Create a product design that conveys both orchid care and feeding, have package design reflect the elegance of orchids, and fit on a standard bookshelf for consumers. Additional requirements: the product must fit in all standard overnight shipping boxes to fulfill priority orders direct from Web stores to consumers.

Research: At Flipside, we believe predesign research is vital to an effective design strategy. Whether you provide the research or utilize our client log-in resource library, we can assist you in researching your target market. An effective design strategy utilizes research to reach its target market.

The Product Name: A product’s name is critical to it’s success. At Flipside we make the product name our main focus when providing name generation to develop a product name that both reflects its origins and conveys your products direction.

Trademark Design: A trademark gains equity through its association with a product. In our business, that is know as branding. In the case of Tiger Tree® Orchid Care Systems™, we determined that the most desirable personality for an orchid care related product was “east meets west”, and quickly developed a logo that reflected that association.

Conceptual Design: The first visual presentation of a product idea is done through conceptual development. Concept designs express the beginnings of a design strategy. At Flipside, we use this process to show how we envision developing a product and it’s preliminary look, refining a design in this early phase helps to prevent costly alterations later.

Industrial Design: At Flipside, we take the guesswork out of design decisions by providing clear and detailed “blueprints” for every step of the manufacturing process.

Scheduling: Laying out and organizing a timeline and precise schedule is key for a good strong beginning.

Then we sketch out your idea. This allows us to visualize your packaging goals, and provides us with a blueprint for every step of the manufacturing process.

Prototyping: Prototyping is the next step in product development.

Prototyping takes a product from concept to reality, shown here with our food measuring spoon.

3D modeling of the prototype helps insure consistent design accuracy.

3D prototyping demonstrates how a product component will look and function. This allows for modifications before tooling and final production.

Then we field-tested the materials to be used with various chemicals and liquids.

We had to be sure there would be no adverse reactions to guarantee total customer satisfaction with the product.

The basic product design and construction was next. We decided after much testing that this two-piece unit would be best and represent better value and product longevity.

We then color-coded each unit creating a tie-in with our instruction sheet and a method to further merchandise extra units.

The details are what we specialize in and this is a small example of our strict attention to those details. Shown here is the inner lid cap designed to keep our sensitive plant food from oxygen contamination and giving our products a longer shelf life.

The final product Tiger Tree® Orchid Care. Color-coded fertilizers for feeding Nature’s most sensitive plant, the orchid.

The Box: Our carefully planned components need an attractive box for shipping, display and retail consumer appeal. Color schemes were reviewed, and sizing concepts developed to work in various shipping and shelf space applications. Careful attention was paid to weight, strength and shelf appeal.

Next we designed a precisely fitted insert that carefully cradles out various components. This not only assured customer appeal, but provided extra safety in shipping.

The final box, a perfect blend of design, color and engineering that assures both shipping ease, shelf appeal and strong sell through at retail.

Last, but certainly not least, our instructions and assorted collateral materials needed to be designed. Working with our design staff, we created easy to read copy, clear photos and a logical progression of use that works well for all consumers.

The Goal Reached… A color coded product that not only sells well at retail, but feeds our friends the orchids, as well.