A trademark gains equity through its association with a product. In our business that is known as Branding. At Flipside, we work with you to determine the most desirable personality for your product, and quickly develop a logo that reflects that association. Flipside’s design strategy is to create a memorable trademark. We thought you might like to know the design strategies behind our portfolio trademarks.

Trademark Archive

Dynasty Trademark
Dynasty | Trademark

Destined to be a collectable this label for Dynasty farms combines the art typestyle colors and shelf appeal that make it a real winner.

Pacific Trademark
Pacific | Trademark

Fresh Hearts of Romaine needed top billing on this prepackaged commodity from Pacific Farms. Flipside gave this mark the colors and continuity it needed.

Premium Broccoli Trademark
Premium Broccoli | Trademark

PIM’s new high quality broccoli line was well represented and very successfully sold under this trademark designed and produced by Flipside Design.

Garden Hearts Trademark
Garden Hearts | Trademark

Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit was the inspiration for garden hearts, produce plucked fresh from the garden patch added to fun and appeal to this unique trademark.

Pacific Greens Trademark
Pacific Greens | Trademark

California's coast and pacific region is where this produce is grown and this label needed to reflect that look and feel.

Basin Gold Trademark
Basin Gold | Trademark

Flipside designed this trademark to reflect the historic basin valley where this successful produce is grown and harvested.

Pure Pacific Organic Trademark
Pure Pacific Organic | Trademark

Organic look and feel branded Pacific’s label and certified fresh organic produce.

River Ranch Trademark
River Ranch | Trademark

Green Barn label wanted a farm-based trademark that would carry the history and family feel of this famous brand.