A trademark gains equity through its association with a product. In our business that is known as Branding. At Flipside, we work with you to determine the most desirable personality for your product, and quickly develop a logo that reflects that association. Flipside’s design strategy is to create a memorable trademark. We thought you might like to know the design strategies behind our portfolio trademarks.

Trademark Archive

Church Brothers Trademark
Church Brothers | Trademark

The fields of Salinas, the bright sun and lively colors combined with the company name gave this trademark many uses.

Lupita's Brand Trademark
Lupita’s Brand | Trademark

Fecha President wanted a trademark design for their Lupita's brand of fresh prepared ethnic products named after his grandmother "Lupita".

Mexican Fire Trademark
Mexican Fire™ | Trademark

Ethnic appeal, color and brightly illustrated ingredients made this trademark a big hit.

Earthbound Farms Trademark
Earthbound Farm | Trademark

This trademark was designed to reflect the name and line of products.

Salad Quickies Trademark
Salad Quickies | Trademark

This trademark gave a start to quick salad producing company who designed time saving value-added bagged salads.

Obim Fresh-cut Fruit Trademark
Obim Fresh-cut Fruit | Trademark

Strong colors and fun illustrations combined to create this clean and highly visible trademark for this successful company.

Taylor Farms Trademark
Taylor Farms | Trademark

Bruce Taylor, CEO wanted a trademark to reflect the quality of their products and the teamwork efficiencies of its people.